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Coupon Appeal (Privacy Policy)

Our Site Coupon Appeal is not affiliated with any 3rd Part Website or Organization. We are sharing these Coupons for Free. This document will describe each and every thing related to Privacy and our terms. If you are using our site in any manner, you should agree with our Privacy and TOS (Terms and Conditions).

Browser Cookies for Anonymous Identification:

Cookies are essential components of your Internet Browser. Cookies tells us about our user’s activity on our site. While using our Coupons, they may use your Browser Cookies Separately on a different website. Users can also disable their Cookies from Browser Setting, however it may cause certain problems while browsing. If you don’t want any specific website to track your Browser Cookies, you can disable Cookies manually for an individual specific website.

Email Addresses We Collect:

While using our site, you can subscribe for our Daily Newsletter via entering your Primary Email address in the Newsletter section. We will never share your Personal Email Address and other personal identification information with any third-party. If you wish to Un-Subscribe from our Newsletter, you can do it easily by clicking Un-Subscribe button in your Inbox. It’s a better idea to keep us in your Email list, you may receive your favorite Golden Deals and Discounted Coupons directly in your Inbox.

Advertisement We Use:

For Maintaining Hosting and other Expenses, we may use 3rd Party Advertising Programs like AdSense, however we will never Force or encourage our users to click on these Ads in any manner. These third party advertising programs may use your browser cooking for tracking your activity on our Ads. You can read their Privacy Policy separately on their website.

How we moderate our User’s Comments:

We don’t allow Comment Back-linking on our site, however we may allow Guest Posting in future. Our Comments Policy is very strict as compare to other websites. Viewer’s comments will be reviewed by our Human Staff. We don’t allow Religious, Political or Hatred comments on our website. We reserve the right to publish or delete any comment we feel inappropriate for other users.

Copyright Policy:

We are very strict about our Copyright policy. Everything on our site is protected under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We don’t allow our content to be produced in any form by any mean including physical and digital form. We also don’t allow anyone to translate and publish our content in any language. Serious action will be taken in the case of Content Theft. We also respect Copyright laws. If you find your content on our site, you can contact us at We will answer your queries with-in 24 hours.

Note: We reserve the right to edit our Privacy Policy completely or particularly, anytime without any prior notice. So make sure you visit our Privacy Policy once in a Month.

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